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Based in Outram, Otago, servicing all of NZ

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Standard Panel
2.1m wide x 1.8m high. 6 bar 80mm x 40mm x 1.2mm oval cattle rail 50mm x 50mm x 1.2mm vertical heads. Included 2 pins per panel. Weight – 43kgs each
Price per unit – $220 + GST
Heavy Duty Fence Panel
6 bar 95mm x 45mm x 2mm oval cattle rail 50mm x 50mm x 2mm vertical heads. Included 2 pins per panel. Weight – 56 kgs each
Price per unit – $280 + GST
Loading Ramp
Kitset and portable. Twelve bolts and 15 minutes to erect. 65mm x 65mm x 2mm support feet. Angle braces for stability.

3m long. 750mm internal width. Adjustable floor height – 600 mm – 1.25m
Weight – 325 kgs
Price per unit – $2200 + GST
Sliding Gate
750mm wide, so can fit directly onto the bottom of the loading ramp. 1950 mm clearance under top overhead rail.
Frame 40mm x 40mm square box section. Sliding gate 6 bars, 40mm x 40mm square box section. Locking latch to keep closed Includes 4 pins. Weight 56 kgs
Price per unit – $425 + GST
Swing Gate
Panel 2.1m wide, so can swap with Standard or Heavy Duty Panels anywhere in your yard set up. Actual swing gate 6 bar oval cattle rail. 1.9m wide x 1.8 m high Gate bars match panel bars. 2.2m clearance under overhead brace bar
Included: 2 pins per panel
Standard Swing Gate – Weight – 60kg
Price – $340 + GST
Heavy Duty Swing Gate with Slam Catch – Weight – 85kg
Price per unit – $425 + GST
Personnel Gate Panel
Available in Standard or Heavy Duty to match your Panels. Same width as a Panel so you can place it anywhere in your set up without changing the design. Handy for quick access between pens. Complete with Slam Catch.
Standard – weight 55 kgs
Price – $375 + GST
Heavy Duty – weight 80 kgs
Price – $425 + GST
Race Bow
Your Race can be made as long as you like using Heavy Duty Panels and a Race Bow at every joint to stop the Race spreading apart. 2m clearance under top bar.
Price – $90 + GST
Race Boardwalks
A simple ‘clip on’ Boardwalk for your Race to make dealing with your livestock easier.  Easily removed if required.  Each section is 2m long, one section per Panel of your Race
Price – $150 + GST
Make you Roundpen any size you like with Standard Panels and a Swinging Gate.  Takes only minutes to erect and totally self-supporting – no posts.  You can change the size easily, move it to another site or pack away all together when not in use.  Many sold and great feedback received.
Indicitive prices
– 14m diameter pen, 20 Panels and 1 Swinging Gate – $4740 + GST
– 18m diameter pen, 26 Panels and 1 Swinging Gate – $6060 + GST
Horse Event Panels
Ideal for temporary pens when at an event or trek.  Could be mounted on the outside of your float. 
3 rail, 32mm pipe, 1.3m high x 2.1m wide.  Includes 1 long pin per panel. 
Weight – 10 kg
Price – $55 + GST
All profits from the sale of these Panels go to the N.Z.R.C.A.
Optional Extra
Spacer and extra pin so that Panels can be folded away without unpinning them.
Price – $15 + GST


"I purchased six horse yards (8x4m) with gates from Fred. I am absolutely delighted with their appearance, durability and performance. I obtained three other quotations prior to purchasing these yards and Fred was the cheapest and with a better product was well. There is also the added advantage that they can easily by moved and reassembled elsewhere. They are extremely safe for the horses and in fact I could not have wished for better. Assembly was easy and two of us assembled all six yards in about an hour and a half. Fred was extremely easy to work with and the whole negotiation, purchase and deliver was very painless, Fred could not have been more helpful. I would recommend Fred and the yards to anyone who is considering purchasing yards for their property."
-Paul Ayton

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